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There is a photo of me somewhere, at 3 years old, standing on a stool in my grandmothers kitchen, staring a gravy packet.  I believe this is where my passion for cooking first began!  Over the years, I have made excuses and temporarily lost my passion for cooking i.e. Single in the City, who wants to cook for one!??  I don’t have the time. Its expensive.  You all know what I mean!  WELL… I was wrong!  I LOVE to cook and I commit to making dinner in my home at least three nights per week.  It is not only a form of therapy for me, it has transformed my body and my life.  I have made so many special memories in my kitchen!  There is no better feeling than sharing a meal with the people you love.  Single ladies, I invite my girls over all the time to eat with me.  No time?  I will be providing links to deliver the grocery lists via Instacart.  Expensive? There are so many ways to save money, split the cost with a friend, etc!  So here we go, lets go on this journey together! 

Vegas Blog Fest by Propel Water

Propel Water x Lauren Duhamel

Citrus Dill Salmon

Bruschetta Salmon

Lean by Lauren Chicken Burgers


Shrimp w/ homemade tomato sauce and purple kale over spaghetti squash