Propel Water x Lauren Duhamel

Posted by Lauren at 05/12/17


As some of you may have seen on my Instagram - I have partnered with Propel Water for their Co:Lab launch series! What is Co:Lab ?! It is a collaborative experience between Propel and innovative fitness instructors to provide a special experience for passionate exercisers.  And boy did they deliver!!

Highlights of the day included:

The Class w/ TT - Ohhh my buns were burning!  This class took me out of my comfort zone and is an excellent reminder of how powerful the mind and body connection is.  The breathe - it is always there for you - even when everything else fails!

Lunch - Food is fuel for your body!  Talk about getting treated like fitness royalty.  Eating is one of life’s simple pleasures - and food is fuel for your body.  This lunch catered to all my hunger needs!  I felt massively blessed to be  Sitting at the table surrounded by like minded girl boss babes!  The energy in the room was truly infectious! 

A few things stood out to me straight away:

  1. The TRIBE!!! One of the major obstacles to fitness is staying motivated.  What better way to do so then to surround yourself with like minded individuals?!?! Find your tribe and love them HARD!  Propel linked together some fiercely fit females for this event!  So much energy and talent in one space - we had a blast!
  2. The RECOVERY - What I like to call the self love stuff!  How can you possibly be the best version of you if you do not take care of yourself? You only have one body so lets feed it what it needs to stay strong.  Strong is SEXY!  Propel water is all about hydration and is the only water with enough electrolytes to replace what we lose in sweat! I dig the Watermelon flavor - it tastes like summer :)
  3. AUTHENTICITY -  The Propel Campaign slogan is : Lets Get Ugly !  When translated to the fitness world that means - sweat your face off … Let your hair down … ditch the makeup - keep fitness fun and keep it REAL!  

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Propel. As always, all opinions are my own!


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