Something Sparkly

Phat Buddha Bra - fun workout gear serves as early morning motivation for me on days when I simply do not want to get out of bed! And let's face it... we can always use a little more sparkle in our lives. I smile even when I type the word sparkle :)

Something Sexy

Agent Provocateur has the sexiest lingerie ever and they're having a sale right now! Why do all that booty work and not show it off?!? :) 


Something Spicy

I love to collect spices from around the world and my amazing client and friend Andrea Galvis brought these back from Amalfi Coast - the best! Spices are a beautiful gift bc whenever you use them it is a reminder of the person who gave them to you! The gift that keeps giving!!


Something Soothing

Palermo Body Soothing Milk Bath - perfect for those aching muscles and supports local business... everyone wins! Made in BK. 

Gift Card Higher Dose

Infrared sauna and my latest wellness addiction. Fun activity to do with a friend. Start with a 30 min session and work your way up! Check out the cyrosphere after for an amazing cool down facial in under 15 mins. Winning! 

Something Shimmery

Something shimmery - glow serum from Plant Folk - I literally keep this in my bag! Adds a beautiful natural glow to the skin... face or body! And a great highlighter. I am obsessed with it. Wild Beauty. 

Something scrubby

Frank bod original coffee scrub - love this stuff! Makes skin SO smooth! And they have a fun Instagram @frank_bod

Something shiny

Christian Dior lip glow pomade - my go too everyday lip addiction. Beautiful natural pink with a little shine. 

Something to snack on

RX bars! My favorite flavor is the chocolate sea salt. Can be found at most grocery stores or online


Something for the skin

gift card for a laser facial treatment at skin laundry - my secret to combating all things acne!- thank you Kate Kauffman u know me so well u got not one but two of my favorite gift cards for me for Christmas. I love u! 

Something for sun protection

Amore pacific color control cushion compact... always use spf! This is my everyday go to tinted moisturizer with spf 50. I use the color 204

Something sweet

A beautiful mess chocolate bar by Askinosie Chocolates. I found mine at Chelsea Market. I have a serious sweet tooth so keeping dark chocolate at home feeds my fix lol!


    • Hickies: Your solution to shoe tying... a life without laces! Seriously. They're amazing. Buy here
    • Ankle resistance band: you can go all around the booty world with this guy! One of my fav props for leg toning exercises and great for traveling! Buy here
    • Dry shampoo: - bc who wants to wash their hair everyday?! Not me! Get it here
    • Purell: a MUST for killing germs during cold season especially at the gym! Get it here
    • Juice press gift card: I eat the raw veggie salad and/or the soups almost everyday for lunch. I also have a love hate relationship with their E3 live shots lol. Give it a try. Don't say I didn't warn you!! Visit JuicePress
    • Chrysmela Catch: earrings backings for active people! Diamonds are forever ladies! Visit Chrysmela