Lauren Duhamel

Personal trainer, fitness instructor and yoga teacher

Combining the latest fitness trends with old school work ethic, Duhamel has quickly become a highly sought after trainer to celebrities and professionals alike. Certified as a yoga instructor, she has created a program that achieves dramatic physical transformations while bolstering all-around wellness. Her clients are not just merely customers, but part of a community that thrives on the sharing of knowledge, motivation, dedication and mutual elevation. 


LIVE • Lift • LOVE • Lengthen • Longevity • Low-Impact

The L Words

Lauren Duhamel is a trainer responsible for some of the runway’s best bodies, but more importantly, she knows how to cater to real girls who want to build long, lean muscles.  I’ve spent way too much time working with trainers who know how to build muscle, but they build muscle in a way I don’t like (i.e. bulky).  Women’s bodies are different than men’s bodies and not enough trainers pay attention to that. Our bodies are different. Our wants our different. Our minds are different.  Lauren pays attention and knows that one size doesn’t fit all

My mission: to facilitate a fit squad... A support system... Non competitive community based on wellness, motivation, sharing knowledge , sculpting bodies , lifting spirits , enhancing your life, elevating
— Lauren Duhamel