Taylor Hill:

Lauren is my favorite kind of work out and a definite go to for me because of her amazing energy and positivity! After a long day of work I know I can still pull through to put in an hour work out with her because she really fills the room with a great energy that helps me focus and want to work as hard as I can to achieve building the strength I want in my body.

One of my favorite exercises to do with her is a leg and side butt one where your on hands and knees and have one leg lifted to the side and sort of do a side crunch where you bring your knee to your elbow. Lauren usually has me do this with a resistance band around my ankles and let me tell you it's harder than it looks!

Amalie Gassman:

I started my fitness journey three years ago with a mix of pilates, hot yoga and barre classes. The classes being structured the same every time, I was yearning for something new and challenging. When I moved to New York, I discovered ModelFit and heard that it was the perfect workout for long and lean muscle. I loved the atmosphere and the strong emphasis on working on smaller muscles (that are often disregarded). My strength and balance improved greatly so this became my regular workout! I then took a class with a new instructor that happened to be Lauren! She brought the class to a whole new level, with her amazing energy, upbeat music and envious physic (seriously how does she do it?😳). She pushed the whole class until the very last minute, leaving us shaking, breathless and in pain (the good kind💪🏼).

Drawn by Lauren's good vibes and enthusiasm for fitness I asked for her to be my personal trainer. She helped me improve my form, flexibility and gave me the confidence to challenge myself. I started taking classes with her more often and we built a specific routine around my needs (inner thighs, abs, arms) and the results are truly amazing! She has not only become my go to instructor but a good friend, whenever we meet up it's a great time to unwind and catch up whilst still getting a killer workout!

Kirsty Godso:

Lauren exudes passion and authenticity both in and out of the gym. Her personality is infectious and her commitment to her clients and anyone that enters one of her classes is clear through her growing reputation as not only a top trainer for her killer workouts but also for her companionship. Her workouts are challenging and creative and she keeps you motivated throughout every burning second! She is confident and kind and you always leave her class feeling motivated and more committed than ever.


Chloe Heckman

Lauren is blessed with being able to push you to the limits in the most loving and encouraging way.  Woman that struggle with not having taut tummy or flabby legs can trust that if you commit to her, she will commit to changing your body, and also your life.  She is encouraging, nurturing, and drives you to reach your fitness goals.  While there are many classes in New York City that can help you break a sweat, there is often little guidance, and risk for injury.  Lauren makes sure that you do the moves correctly, to prevent bad habits from forming, that can lead to injuries.  In a large class, she has the ability to get involved with individuals as if it is personal training in a way I have yet to find in any other class in New York City.